Forward...a Book Club

We agree, to the best of our ability, that racism (and all the other phobias and isms) is still a problem in the world. We have raised awareness, taken stands, and we have composed Tweets and posts and essays about the evil of it all. There will always be a need for that. As long as racism exists, there will be a need for us to say it’s not okay for conferences and churches and schools and restaurants and neighborhoods and others to overlook or mistreat or prefer or exclude.

And, we agree about words. We love them. We write them. We read them. We memorize them. We forsake the laundry and the dishes and the lawnmower for the exquisite turns of phrase and the great expanse of wonder and imagination they invoke. We have been changed by the reading of a single book. We have changed the way we live our lives because of the words we’ve read between the covers of a book.

We also agree, when it comes to racism, we can do better. And so, we search for ways to elevate the conversation and broaden our horizons and pick up a hammer to build a bridge. There are protesters and organizers and speakers and pastors who help us find the way through the fog. And, maybe you’ve been wondering what difference you can make with your ordinary life and its regular kitchen with the windows that rattle when the weather grows windy.

So, we return to the words.

We believe words matter and conversation is powerful. We believe love is stronger than hate. We believe in disagreeing without being disagreeable. We practice those things here, in our book club. We named our book club "Forward" because we hope to move the conversation forward. We'd like to do something that doesn't sound like polarizing or othering or blaming or condemning. We'd like to learn from authors who don't like look like us. We'd like to learn from one another. You are welcome here. The best way to join Forward is to subscribe to this website (simply click the "Subscribe" tab at the top of this page) for exclusive updates and announcements as they're released.